Take The Safety Test

Take the Safety Test

Mark true or false to each of the following questions:

  1.  _____ When I ride, I always wear proper protective gear.
  2.  _____ I always do a pre-ride check of my motorcycle before I go for a ride.
  3.  _____ My riding jacket has retro-reflective material on it.
  4. _____ My riding jacket has body armor in it.
  5. _____ I always check my rear view mirror before stopping.
  6. _____ When stopping for a light, I always stop in a spot that doesn’t box me in.
  7. _____ I never ride impaired.
  8. _____  I always keep my head and eyes up and looking where I’m  going.
  9.  _____  I never drag my feet.
  10.  _____ I use all my fingers when squeezing in the front brake.
  11.  _____ I know how to stop the bike if I get a flat tire.
  12.  _____ I know how to surmount an obstacle.
  13.  _____ I am comfortable going around curves at speed.       
  14.  _____When I stop the bike, my handlebars are square.
  15. _____ At night I never ride so fast that I override my headlight.
  16. _____ I always wear clear, not tinted, glasses or face shield at night.
  17. _____ I carry a first aid kit, a cell phone, a flashlight, & a small fire extinguisher.
  18. _____ I know that you can’t brake and swerve at the same time.
  19. _____ At busy intersections, I cover my brakes and clutch.
  20. _____ I take a safety course every two years.
  21. _____ I never lane split.
  22. _____ If I have to stop quickly in a curve, I know I must straighten the bike first.  
  23. _____ I always make sure that my tires have plenty of tread on them.
  24. _____ Before I take a passenger, I spend 5 minutes explaining what they should do and what they should wear.
  25. _____ If I lock the rear brake, I know I must keep it locked until the end.
  26.  _____ If I lock the front brake I know I must release it immediately, then re-apply it.
  27. _____ I stay within my limits, the bike’s limits and the environment in which I ride.

Answers: All answers are true. If you get them all correct, you are truly a safety enthusiast. The higher you score, the better and safer rider you are. Aim for a score over 22.  Always Ride Safe!    

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